Yanmar 1500d parts

Originally Posted by lsheaffer view Originally Posted by oldchevy1 view I have a JD which I believe is a rebranded Yanmar. I have had air get into my hydraulic lines because I have a whole somewhere in one of the lines. Anyway, sometimes when I park my tractor for a while and then start it up, the hydraulic activited devices will not work. I end up having to bleed the air out of the lines by loosening the big nut on top the hydraulic unit that sits just under the seat. With the tractor running, I loosen that nut with a breaker bar and right size metric socket.

You can hear the air escaping then suddenly with a sputter it will spit out a mixture of air and hydraulic fluid. I quickly tighten the nut after the fluid starts flowing out. I have learned to pack the area surrounding the nut with mechanic rags to catch the spray. I also put a catch basin under the tractor directly under the seat.

It will make a huge mess, but it will allow me to operate the hydraulics. When I mean spray, it sprays everywhere. Use old clothes and eye protection. I have started replacing hydraulic lines trying to fix the problem with air getting into my system. Click to Post a New Message! Post: It was leaking fluid before by the starter and then all of sudden the hydraulics just stopped working altogether. Would this be a hydraulic pump problem?

Did a seal bust because it's leaking fluid on the bottom of the case. Any help will do. Hydraulics Won t Work Was it leaking from the suction line? Hydraulics Won t Work. Quote: Originally Posted by lsheaffer view Was it leaking from the suction line? It could be sucking air.

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Hydraulics Won t Work If there is a hose on the suction line that is where I would look first.Rear View Backup Camera.

Engines Misc. How much is your farm tractor worth? Find resale prices for tractors built from through today, with complete specifications and serial numbers.

I have a hydraulic problem. The short rubber hydraulic hose under the tractor slipt and I didn't notice it until the bush hog wouldn't lift. I replaced the hose and filled it with hydraulic fluid. The 3 pt hitch still won't operate. It says to bleed the pump but I can't find where to do this. It worked great until the hose broke. Any suggestions. Thanks TOM. I'm surprised it won't self prime. Won't affect the pump but would the transmission gears. Has it been a long time since screen cleaning?

yanmar 1500d parts

If so, now would be a good time to clean the screen. Looking at part drawing for your model it doesn't look like you have a screw on filter, if you do, unscrew it and see if there is fluid in it. If no filter if you have a rubber sleeve connection on the inlet line going to your filter loosen it just enough to assure you are getting a flow headed toward your pump.

If so, next loosen a connection on the pressure line going from the pump and pull the compression release and turn the tractor over with the starter while observing the loosened pressure line. I would let it turn over 10 seconds or so. If you get no signs of fluid I would start to consider a pump problem such as a sheared key, etc. If all the fluid leaked out, that may have pooched the pump. Thanks for the input.

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I changed the oil and filter several weeks ago. Its an internal screen which handles both the hydraulics and transmission. After fixing the broken hose I refilled with oil. It didn't take as much as when I drained it several weeks ago making me think it didn't run dry. There is a small canister on the side with two small hoses coming from it. One goes to the pump control and the other goes back into the transmission.Click to Post a New Message!

Post: Yanmar D 4 wheel drive does not work Please correct me if I am wrong. The coupler is inside the welded "cup" on the front of the driveshaft. The aft end has the splines. It failed at the front coupler. I can shake it around and I think that the bearings either ground up or fell out or all of them were never installed in the first place!!!

There is a nut with a "lockwasher" as well Yanmar D 4 wheel drive does not work don't know whether you are red or green? Yanmar D 4 wheel drive does not work Ha!! After looking at both diagrams, it looks like mine was put on backwards!!! Is that even possible?

The tractor is red But I will verify when I get home what it really is. I believe that you can tell by the casting of the transmission.? But the spring and splined shaft interfaces with the transmission Yanmar D 4 wheel drive does not work It is on backwards. The coupler should move on the splines enough to drop that end of the drive shaft, There should be 6 ball bearings in there.

Yanmar D 4 wheel drive does not work Got it off last night and cleaned all of the grease off The bearings are all there 6 at each end and all of the bearing surfaces look good. This weekend I am going to repack the bearings and install it the correct direction and see how engages. Now for another interesting part The forward portion of the tractor "frame" broke where some of the engine mounting bolts go through.Click to Post a New Message!

Post: Yanmar how to operate I have 4.

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I am now pretty good at my own maintenance A good friend dropped off a YM and told me to please use it with only a brief crash course. I do not want to take advantage of his kindness and ask him to service it as well so I am learning to do the maintenance myself.

I just brushhogged my pasture, changed the blades wow, what a job! I know very little about ANY tractors and was shocked to learn that diesel tracors don't use spark plugs, that's how unkowledgable I am. I am very willing to learn. May I ask my questions here? They may be ridiculous and frequent and perhaps the forum is more for true problems and not mentoring so I wanted to check first. Yanmar how to operate Welcome.

Yanmar Tractor Parts

Not sure of the correct wording, but someone once said something like the only stupid question is the one that wasn't asked. There are several current and former Yanmar owners here - ready to contribute their experiences.

But apparently things are going alright so far, cuz I don't actually see a mechanical question in your post. Yanmar how to operate I second that and hope that "crash course" was just a figure of speech. We can walk you through some maintenance procedures but need info.

Does he have a manual for it? Likely not, as that model didn't come with any. Can you find out what servicing has been done over the past few years?

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Do you have tools including metric ones? Yanmar how to operate Greg nailed it twice, welcome, and no question is a dumb question as long as you learned something from it.

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Best of luck. Yanmar how to operate Welcome from my little part of the planet too. WOW, you been mowing an acre and a half with a push mower for three years. So right off we know you have lots of ambition and likely one of the most healthy guys around here.

Like was said, ask questions, get a bit greasy, learn as you go. Basic tractor maintenence is'nt quite rocket science because even I can do it. Yanmar how to operate Thanks for the encouragement! The crash course did not include an actual crash, thank goodness! I am a googler so I'll figure it out! I am a single homeowner and I am now in charge of all of my own home, auto, lawn mower and now tractor maintenance.

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I typically take any issue I have to work, present it to my co-workers and usually someone there has had a similar experience and can advise me what to do. It has worked great! No one has a Yanmar tractor. They have tractors and that's when I found out about the glow plug and tips on changing my gas FUEL filter! From your forum I now know I have a grey market tractor and it's probably not 4WD.

I also found out from your forum that someone said they warmed up their glow plug for 10 minutes like they are supposed to.

yanmar 1500d parts

How do you do that? I also have an issue with my yanmar shutting off and not turning back on unless I have let it sit for 10 minutes.Check out our Yanmar Owners message board. Interact with hundreds of other Yanmar owners and get answers to your technical questions.

Check out our library of Yanmar tractor technical articles. Gets lots of How-to tips and tricks to make maintaining your tractor a breeze! Find lots of useful information from tires sizes to weights and dimensions in our research center.

A great place to post questions about your tractor, connect with other Yanmar owners, or just share your current projects or restorations. Need to find some specs on your Yanmar or find out what your tractor is worth? Check out our Research Center. Get help with eveything from changing your oil to troubleshooting a starting problem in our tech center. We started this website back in We actually started as 'YanmarOwners.

We wanted a place where owners of Yanmar tractors could interact and help eachother with common problems. Since there is not a real dealership network for these tractors we felt that it was important for customers that had these tractors to be able to help each other. The site has become more popular over the years and we really appreciate all of your contributions!

The D actually indicatess that the tractor is 4wd. Why they chose the D is a mystery but it does make things confusing. They built it in If you look under the hood of many compact John Deere tractors you fill find a Yanmar diesel engine.

Turns out that color was not very popular here in the USA so they changed it after a few years to a deep red. The red is between the dark red Massey color and the brighter red Case IH red. YM Owners. Toggle navigation Main Menu. Previous Next. Check Out Our Message Board A great place to post questions about your tractor, connect with other Yanmar owners, or just share your current projects or restorations. Research Center Need to find some specs on your Yanmar or find out what your tractor is worth?

Technical Articles Get help with eveything from changing your oil to troubleshooting a starting problem in our tech center. Check our our sponsors for great deals. Replacement Ignition Switch Replace your wore out ignition switch with this hew heavy duty model! Clutch Slipping? Newest Message Board Posts Check out the newest posts to our message board. Popular Message Board Posts Check out some of the most popular posts on our message board.

More coming soon! Coming soon. Coming soon! Check it out now!There are several things to look for when buying a Yanmar tractor. Before you even take a look at a single tractor you need to find out what models you need to steer clear of. There are a few tractors being sold as Yanmar tractors that are not technically Yanmars at all.

Many are Korean tractors that have Yanmar decals on them. Overall, except for the listed models, most have excellent parts availability that is only getting better because of the huge numbers of the tractors coming into the US many thousands of each model! Find your price range and know what the tractor is going to cost click here One option that a lot of people tend to think they need is power steering.

Most Yanmar models, however, do not have power steering as an option. The reason is that the way the front axles are set up on the Yanmars there is really not a big need for power steering.

The non power steering is really fairly easy. If you have a full load of dirt in a loader it can be tough to steer when you are at a dead stop BUT you really should never steer from a stop anyway it is hard on the steering, axles, tie rods, etc Once you get moving it gets really easy again.

If you can find a tractor with power steering- great!


Then you have the problem of getting parts for that steering unit. Since power steering models are very rare- parts are hard to get and there are really no user serviceable parts in that power steering box compared to the fairly simple standard Yanmar tractor steering box rebuild.

Just something to think about. If you want to add power steering there are power steering kits available for most models.

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After you have looked through the models to avoid list and have chosen a tractor to look at- look at the overall condition of the tractor.

A tractor that has been abused or not maintained properly should be avoided. Be sure that the tractor that you are looking at doesn't have leaking seals around the axles. Some seals on these tractors are extremely difficult to get to and will be costly to repair.

This is normally done in the USA and the tractors typically start off in pretty good shape. This type of "refurbishing" is usually just cosmetic and it perfectly fine because the tractor under the paint is origional and in good shape. The typical process involves buying a load of "F" grade Yanmar tractors- typically totaled in a fire, submerged in a river, or just very badly damaged or broken down.

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They are shipped to a large junkyard in other countries where they are pieced back together. Ever see that show called Junk Yard Wars where teams scramble through junk yards trying to be the first to build something from scraps? This is basically what happens in some rebuild shops. An engine from this tractor fits into this one.Turf Kit - Read Description!

Yanmar Operation Manual.

yanmar 1500d parts

It was redesigned midway through production and divided into what is commonly called the "red" and "green" model based on the original hood color. The Yanmar does not have a water pump though we offer a kit to add one and does not have a thermostat. The small 2 cylinder diesel engine is amazingly reliable. The main causes of problems on this tractor: 1 - Overheating 2 - Adding a loader and treating it like it is a bulldozer. The YM front axles can not handle abuse if a loader is added. Parts availability for this tractor is VERY good.

There are very few parts that are not in stock at all times. All rights reserved. Any appearance of the Yanmar name, Yanmar logo, or Yanmar part numbers are for reference purposes only and does not imply that the part is a genuine Yanmar part.

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yanmar 1500d parts

The "D" at the end of a Yanmar tractor's model number indicates that the tractor is 4wd. All Yanmars are diesel. The Yanmar D is a 18 horsepower tractor that was sold new in to The Yanmar YM has no water pump. It relies on hot water rising to circulate coolant.

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